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Eric Ross | MURP | GISP

Eric is a professional geospatial researcher and holds a BA in Geography with a focus on Urban Studies and a Minor in Criminal Justice, as well as a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, and a GIS Certificate.  Since 2007 Eric has worked on projects related to urban studies, environmental science, health and built environment, planning and design, and regional land use economics.  Eric is the owner and sole proprietor of Five Points Geoplanning LLC, and started that business in 2015 to provide cartography, data analysis, GIS, geovisualization, instruction, modeling, planning, project management, and research services.  Eric works with a wide variety of organizations, agencies, and other consultants.

Eric is also a lecturer in the Departments of Geography Environmental Sciences, and Planning and Design at the University of Colorado Denver teaching urban studies, mapping and map analysis, cartography and computer mapping, and geographic information systems (GIS) to undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals.  Eric also worked with Regis University in their Master of Development Practice program, which is funded by the McArthur Foundation and teaches students in the IEEE Global Classroom at the Posner Center, and helped them integrate mapping GIS into their international program and taught as a visiting practitioner for 2 years.




Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)
University of Colorado Denver



GIS Certificate

University of Colorado Denver



​Bachelor of Arts - Geography (Urban Studies)

University of Colorado Denver


  • Interpersonal Collaboration

  • Group Presentation

  • Technical Instruction

  • Report Writing

  • Academic Articles

  • Project & Team Management


  • Mapping & Map Analysis

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Cartography

  • Participatory Planning

  • ArcGIS Desktop & Pro

    • Analysis Tools

    • Cartography

    • Data Conversion

    • Data Interoperability

    • Data Management

    • Editing

    • Geocoding

    • Georeferencing

    • Network Analyst

    • Spatial Analyst

    • Spatial Statistics

  • ArcGIS Online Applications

    • Instant Apps

    • Experience Builder

    • Storymaps

    • Dashboards

    • Sites

    • Web Appbuilder

    • Configurable Apps

  • Open Source GIS (QGIS, Open Jump)

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher

  • Adobe Suite (Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop)



I have the privilege of a storied past.  My first career began in high school working in restaurants and over a decade I worked my way from scraping floors in a bakery to running a million-dollar business with 50 employees. 


My second career moved me to the Central Rockies and the Aspen Police Department where I started as a patrol officer, became a certified law enforcement driving instructor and firearms instructor, was a field training officer, and spent the last of ten years as a criminal investigator. 


My third and academic career started at age 38 when I returned study at the University of Colorado at Denver and over the course of 5 years acquired a bachelors degree in geography, and masters in urban and regional planning, and a GIS certificate.  I also started my next and current career there as a professional research assistant implementing GIS across multiple disciplines – geography, urban studies, planning, public health, among others.  I spent a year at the Denver Regional Council of Governments as a planner and GIS analyst before being called bat to UCD to teach GIS, cartography, mapping, and urban studies. 


In 2015 started my consulting company Five Points Geoplanning.


I am also a part-time house husband for my wife who works as an Assistant Unites States Attorney for the Department of Justice, part-time search and rescue volunteer, and am an off-highway driving, recovery, and preparedness trainer.

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